These are two fundamental elements in the recognition of the quality, safety and healthiness of our products as well as of the environmental and ethical sustainability of our activities.
As regards certifications, they range from UNI EN ISO 9001, which certifies the compliance of the company quality management system with the requirements of the standard, to two quality certifications related to large-scale retail: one from Great Britain, the BRC (British Retail Consortium); and the other at the international level, the IFS (International Food Standard).
We have also obtained the KOSHER certification, which certifies that our products respect the religious rules of nutrition of observant Jews.
Our company is proud to be UNI EN ISO 22005 certified, i.e. the certification of the agri-food chain. Indeed, this is recognized only where it is possible to trace the history of the product from start to finish, identifying every single phase of its processing and demonstrating the ability to track and trace all information relating to the product along the entire production chain, such as its plots of origin, cultivation techniques, quality controls, logistics and much more.

Company policies

FINAGRICOLA Soc. Coop. has set out its company policies in the document “Company policies for Quality, Food Safety, Traceability of the agri-food chain, Environment, Safety in the workplace and Ethics”.

Politiche Aziendali

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Quality Management Systems Standard. It is the founding organizational standard of our Company Management System. It addresses the planning and coordination processes of farms as well as the production of fresh and preserved fruit and vegetables.

Finagricola ISO 9001


UNI EN ISO 22005

Traceability in the agri-food chains. The certification of the agri-food chain involves the mother company Finagricola, 9 farms that are members of the Cooperative and the Nursery. Its aim is to determine the history and origin of the product, identifying all the organizations involved, from nursery production to field cultivation, up to industrial transformation, strengthening the traceability and food safety systems put in place by the Company.

Finagricola ISO 22005



Global Standard for Food Safety. The certification of compliance with these standards is recognized by all operators in the agri-food chain and in particular by large-scale retail, as it makes it possible to guarantee the ability of suppliers to produce safe food, manage product quality in a correct way and meet customer needs.

Finagricola IFS


Finagricola BRC



Certification according to the religious rules governing the nutrition of observant Jews, issued by a certifying Rabbi. Kosher certified products must meet quality standards: the production and packaging procedures as well as every single ingredient used in their preparation must comply with the restrictive laws of Kashrut.

Sugo rosso capperi e olive

Sugo rosso arrabbiata

Sugo rosso al basilico

Sugo giallo arrabbiata

Sugo giallo al basilico

Datterini SS in olio

Pelato in succo

Passata di pomodoro

Datterino in succo

Doppio concentrato

Datterini al naturale

Datt. pelati SS in olio conditi

Datt. pelati SS in olio

Pizzutello in succo

Spaccatella di Datterino

Crema di Zucca


GLOBALG.A.P. Standard for Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA). It provides for the certification of the agricultural production and cultivation process and ensures that only products that reach a certain level of compliance with the established Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) are certified.
Finagricola has achieved the GLOBALG.A.P. certification for option 2.




GRASP is the abbreviation for “GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice”. It is an add-on module of the GLOBALG.A.P. standard, which sets out social and ethical requirements and aims at improving working conditions and respecting workers’ rights.
The certification status for the voluntary GRASP module has been achieved by Finagricola for option 2, and by the member farms of the Cooperative for option 1.




SPRING is an add-on to the GLOBALGAP standard, and is a sustainable program for irrigation and groundwater use, implemented at farm level, which offers the opportunity for producers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable management of water.




Certification of food products obtained with the organic production method (Reg. Ce 834/2007). Code: IT BIO 005 T746. This certification concerns the packaging, transformation, storage, refrigerated preservation, labeling and marketing of organic products

Finagricola BIO



The “Halal” certification is used to certify that products from the agri-food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical supply chains, products for body and health care, the financial and insurance sector, the industrial and transformation processes, including packaging certification, comply with ethical and sanitary requirements of the law and doctrine of Islam, making them marketable in all Islamic countries.