The authentic taste of tomato in its natural form in three types as it is: red datterino, yellow datterino and pizzutello. Each with its own distinctive flavor, our fresh tomatoes are great to eat alone or in tasty mixed salads. But they are also the perfect ingredients to prepare sauces for first and second seafood dishes or to season pizza.


The red datterino is a fine type of tomato, with a sweet and aromatic flavor. It stands out for its high sweetness and low acidity, which makes it particularly tasty and connotes its full flavor.
The freshly packaged red datterino by Così Com’è is ideal for seafood dishes and perfect for salads.


The yellow datterino is an extraordinary tomato, which combines extreme sweetness and low acidity with the characteristic bright yellow color. A goodness to be enjoyed with the eyes even before than with the palate.
Fresh packaged yellow datterino by Così Com’è is ideal for fish and perfect in salads.


Pizzutello is a type of tomato typical from the Piana del Sele, with a classic and Mediterranean flavor, characterized by sweetness and intensity. It goes perfectly with all recipes.
In particular, the freshly packaged pizzutello by Così Com’è is ideal for fresh sauces and perfect for pizza.