The simple traditional recipes interpreted with excellent raw materials, our tomatoes. The Così Com’è line of sauces is born!
Many ideas for dressing first courses and more, in the double version with yellow and red datterini tomatoes. With the new line, Cosi Com’è meets the needs of those who want to eat healthy and genuinely but do not have time for elaborate preparations.


An unprecedented ingredient, the Yellow Datterino by Così Com’è, in the traditional recipe of the basil-scented sauce.
Our yellow datterino tomato sauce with basil combines the sweetness of yellow datterino tomatoes with the intensity of basil, giving your preparations a fresh and genuine flavor.
This sauce is ideal for seasoning first courses, used alone or with the addition of other ingredients, such as fish or vegetables, for a quick and healthy cooking.


The most classic of sauces with an exceptional raw material, the red cherry tomato by Così Com’è. The red datterino with basil in the ready sauce version, combines the sweet and intense flavor of the datterino with the aromatic note of basil, for a simple but decisive taste.
This sauce is the perfect condiment for first courses. Ideal for those who cannot prepare fresh sauce but do not want to give up the authentic flavor of the basil-scented tomato.


On the one hand the sweet taste of the yellow datterino by Così Com’è, on the other the spicy note of the chili. The All’Arrabbiata Yellow Datterino sauce by Così Com’è, respects the typical recipe of the Roman tradition, but with the use of an ingredient – our Yellow Datterino tomato, which reinvents its flavor and color, for a surprising effect.
This ready-made sauce, suitable for seasoning all kinds of pasta or risotto, is ideal for those who love strong but at the same time delicate flavors.


A great classic of Roman cuisine with an exceptional ingredient, the red cherry tomatoes by Così Com’è. Our Arrabbiata red datterino tomato sauce, prepared according to the traditional recipe, boasts a perfect balance of sweet and spicy notes.
This ready-made sauce is suitable for first courses: long and short pasta but also risottos. Ideal for those who prefer strong flavors, but love to dilute them with delicate notes.